Black Pallet Wrap Extended Core





Black Extended Core Pallet Wrap
  • Premium Quality: Different types of pallet wrap roll are used to hold objects in place and keep them from shifting while being transported. Every roll has a general capacity to support a load. When travelling under difficult conditions, banding film’s thickness immovably ensures that goods are protected.
  • Various uses: Pallet Wrap Roll has a variety of uses, including commercial and retail ones. easier and faster than tying and taping. To ensure safety while moving, wrap everything with shrink wrap. It is advised for industrial purposes since this excellent stretch film pallet wrap adheres to itself without leaving adhesive residue.
  • Tear Resistant: Specifically made for pallets, furniture, tools, and a variety of other goods, this black, sturdy, tear-resistant pallet stretch wrap cling film is tough and durable. It is made of sturdy material so you won’t have to worry about tearing or breaking it while using it, and you can move things fast and effectively.



  • Effective Protection: Our polythene pallet wrap is constructed with thick polythene material, providing effective security for large or asymmetrical-shaped cargo. It offers a customized solution for covering, fastening, and safeguarding pallets. With our pallet shrink covers, you can ensure that your goods are well-protected throughout their journey.
  • Available Size:

– 400 mm x 200 m

  • Sturdy and Convenient: Our stretch and shrink-wrap varieties are designed to be exceptionally flexible, resistant, and sturdy. The hand stretch films feature an extended cardboard core, providing enhanced convenience during the wrapping process. You can trust in their strength and durability to streamline your packaging operations effectively.
  • Ideal for Multiple Applications: The water and moisture-proof pallet stretch wrap is not only perfect for securely wrapping luggage, but it is also suitable for storing items, moving homes, and palletized products. Our shrink wraps are of high quality and built to last, ensuring optimal performance for your packaging needs.
  • Waterproof and Moisture-Proof: Whether you are moving furniture, tools, or other valuable items, our pallet wrap offers waterproof and moisture-proof properties. Once fully wrapped, the cling film creates a protective barrier, preventing water and moisture from penetrating and compromising your products’ integrity. Rest assured that your goods will remain dry and in excellent condition.
  • Choose the Black Extended Core Pallet Wrap for reliable, secure, and efficient shipping. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your goods are protected during transit.

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1, 6, 12, 24, 48, 60, 100, 180, 360


400mm x 200m 20mu, 400mm x 220m x 20mu x 1.40 KG




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