Clear Pallet Wrap Extended Core





Clear Pallet stretch wrap is regularly used to wrap beds, keeping products from overturning on the way. The clear stretch film permits you to conceal your items from view. It protects products from moisture, dirt and dust and is not easily torn or punctured. The reliable pallet wrapping can be applied either physically or with a stretch wrap allocator. Our stretch film provides a stronger and more secure polythene packaging solution. You can use these Clear pallet wraps to wrap your boxes while transiting them or moving them from one place to another.

Our Clear Pallet Wraps are manufactured by high tech machinery which ensures precise and highest quality which a pallet wrap can get. We have clear pallet wraps available and Mus which tells about the thickness of the pallet wrap (commonly the higher the MU is, the thicker it is). We are providing these pallet wraps on specially discounted prices for a limited time.

Best Quality – Our Clear stretch film with its good thickness makes sure that items remain under tough travel conditions.

Flexible and Resistant – Our clear pallet wraps are incredibly flexible and resistant and provide users with great experience while transiting their goods.

Protection During Transit – Clear Shrink wrap is polished with uniquely designed external surfaces onto which residue and earth can’t stick.

Easy to Use by Hand – These Pallet wraps on stretched out centres permit the film to be applied by hand utilising the cardboard centres.

Multi-Purpose – Our stretch film can be utilised for shoppers and business purposes. Quicker than tying and taping of your goods.

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1, 6, 12, 24, 48, 60, 100, 180, 360


400mm x 17mu x 1.5kg, 400mm x 300m x 17mu x 1.75kg, 400mm x 200m x 23mu x 1.50kg, 400mm x 160m x 34mu x 1.50kg


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